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Policies and Procedures

The primary purpose of this page is to state the principal policies and procedures that guide students and staff members in the pursuit of Institute objectives.

The policies and procedures set forth on this page are those that affect students and staff in a way basic to the conduct of Institute affairs or that are applicable to major or critical areas of Institute activity.

These policies and procedures constitute a living document and are subject to change by the Institute. Major changes are communicated to the students and staff. Students and staff members should be familiar with these policies and procedures and changes therein. When policy changes occur, an email will be sent and policy will be updated on this page.

All questions or requests for update may be sent via e-mail to policies@nit.edu.au

Administration and Record Management

Complaints and Appeals Policy

Deferring, Suspending or Cancelling a Student’s Enrolment

Ethical Marketing and Advertising

Managing critical incidents

Academic Progress Monitoring

Refund Policy

Please note that not all policies and procedures are available on website. All the policies are available on request. To get a latest version, please contact reception or email office@nit.edu.au.