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Planning Your Arrival


We are delighted you have chosen to study with us at Nova Institute of Technology.

Before you leave home, there are several important arrangements you need to make and things you need to plan for and understand.  We have tried to include some of these on this page. We have also prepared a pre-departure checklist covering these points.


In most cases, you will need a student visa to study in Australia.

Visas are not automatic and all criteria must be met. You must not apply for a student visa before you have accepted your offer to study at Swinburne.

Student visas can only be granted for study in courses that are registered on the Commonwealth Register of Institutions and Courses for Overseas Students.

For detailed information about student visas for Australia, contact the Department of Home Affairs (DHA).


After your application has been processed, your deposit has been paid and your student visa has been issued, you can book your flight to Melbourne.

You are required to be fully vaccinated with TGA approved COVID vaccine. For more information please visit  

You should arrive in Melbourne between two and four weeks before your course starts. This will allow you to organise accommodation and settle in before you begin classes. Please refer to arriving in Melbourne page for more information.


We advise you to purchase travel insurance when you book your flights to Australia. Your travel insurance should cover you for two or three days after you arrive in Australia, in case you experience delays. Your travel agent should be able to help you organise this.


Before you move to Melbourne you may need to arrange temporary or short-term accommodation where you can stay while you become more familiar with the city and look for somewhere to live long term.

There are many affordable accommodation options for international students in Melbourne. Nova Institute provides free services and resources to help you find somewhere to live that will suit your budget and preferences.



Melbourne gets cold and wet in winter, with an average temperature of 14 degrees Celsius. Winter runs from June to August. It can also get hot in summer, with an average temperature of 25 degrees Celsius. Summer runs from December to February.

However, Melbourne is famous for having “four seasons in one day”. We can have very cold days in summer, and warmer days in winter. So, no matter what time of year you arrive, pack clothes and shoes for all seasons including some warm pullovers/jumpers, jackets and covered/rain-proof shoes.

Consider packing one formal outfit for any events or interviews you may need to attend.

Important documents

Don’t forget your passport with student visa!

Pack a folder with of a copy of your Nova Institute offer letter and electronic Confirmation of Enrolment (eCoE), driver’s license, birth certificate, emergency contact details, accommodation reference.

If you have a medical condition talk to your doctor before you leave and ask if there is anything you need from them to ensure continuity of treatment e.g. a referral letter outlining your treatment and medication details.

You will need your banking information and bank card, it’s also useful to have a small amount of cash with you. Have a think about what valuables you will need e.g. jewellery, camera, bicycle, laptop, mobile phone, iPod.

And if you wear glasses, don’t forget to pack a spare pair of glasses or contact lenses.


Visit the Department of Agriculture and Water Resources site