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Enrolment Information


Selection and enrolment at Nova Institute of Technology (NIT) is carried out in an ethical and responsible manner and we encourage people to apply for enrolment without discrimination through a variety of means. Students must complete an enrolment form and provide all relevant information (e.g. date of birth, proof of pre-requisite study) prior to commencing a course or program.

All successful applicants complete an orientation program the first day of the course to familiarise them with the Institute’s services, facilities and procedures. On your arrival you are given useful information about the study program, local services and facilities. Settling into a new culture, language and education is a personal challenge. We offer support, useful information and friendly encouragement for you to enjoy the different experiences. Whether you need health insurance, advice, assistance with accommodation, transport information or suggestions for weekend fun activities, contact the SLO.


Language, literacy and numeracy needs of all individuals are important and to support students in this area. Nova Institute provides free Support English classes whilst completing courses. When necessary and appropriate, adjustments are made to methods of delivery and assessment, to suit the needs of individuals so that they will have a reasonable chance of success in their course.


Any academic or non-academic complaints that you may have will be dealt with fairly. Students are encouraged to achieve their personal best through the provision of valid learning and assessment tools and strategies that are most suited to the students’ diverse needs. Nova Institute of Technology has a fair and open Complaints Policy to address any student complaints or appeals and provides that outcomes are recorded in writing. For more information please refer to Complaints and Appeals Policy.


Nova Institute of Technology is committed to providing opportunities for all groups in the community to participate in Vocational Education and Training (VET). Access and Equity is closely tied to other policies and strategies to ensure open access to the Nova Institute services. For more information please refer to Access and Equity Policy


Nova Institute is committed to ensuring that the requirements for all training package and accredited courses on its scope of registration are met through the use of appropriate assessment processes and instruments.

As part of the enrolment process Nova Institute actively encourages students to apply for Credit Transfer and Recognition of Prior Learning. Applicants are required to complete an RPL Application form and will be assisted by an admissions staff member to ensure guidance is provided on the type and amount of evidence to be gathered to support the request.


Student enrolment can be deferred, suspended or cancelled in limited circumstances by Nova Institute or by the student. When deferral, suspension or cancellation of enrolment is initiated by the Institute students have the right to appeal the decision.

For further information please refer to: Deferring, Suspending or Cancelling a Student’s Enrolment


In line with ESOS standard 7 Nova Institute must not knowingly enrol the student wishing to transfer from another registered provider’s course prior to the student completing six months of his or her principal course of study. For more information please refer to Transfer Request Assessment Policy.


The Department of Home Affairs (DHA) classifies your family as your spouse; a person of the opposite sex you are legally married to or have been living with for more than 12 months) and you or your spouse’s children under 18 and never married.

You may bring these members of your family under certain conditions and if you have school age children they will have to be enrolled and attend either a private or government school for which you will have to pay fees.
For more information go to Department of Home Affairs (DHA).


Australia has very strict customs and quarantine laws, using x-rays, detector dogs and physical search.

Before your aircraft lands, you will be given an Incoming Passenger Card – this is a legal document.

You must tick yes if you are carrying any food (this is any item that can be eaten or that you can drink), wooden material, plant material or animal products. If you are unsure tick yes, this could save you from a fine and/or a possible term of imprisonment.

You can apply for a course online or by downloading the application form and after filling it sending it to us by mail at Level 5, 601 Bourke Street Melbourne Victoria Australia or alternatively you can scan and email to offers@nit.edu.au