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Completing Your Studies

Once you have completed your studies you will need to make preparations to return home. These resources are designed to help you prepare for packing and leaving Australia.

Going home

Once you have completed your studies, you will be returning to your home country. This information site provides answers to some frequently asked questions about preparing to return home.

Packing arrangements

Once you have completed your studies in Australia and you start thinking about returning to your home country, one of the activities you will be faced with is the packing and shipping of your belongings. Like many other international students you may have bought useful items such as pots and pans, desks, books and clothes while you were living and studying in Australia. Before you leave you will have to decide which items to keep and which items to sell or give away. Because you are allowed only a certain number of kilograms as baggage with the airlines you will need to consider how you will return the rest of your belongings to your home country.

Returning home checklist

Travel arrangements

Passport and travel documents

Check that they are current. REMEMBER to bring them with you!

Book flights

Plan your departure dates. Check that your ticket includes departure tax. Notify your family of your arrival. Do not surprise them! They need time to prepare for your return home too.

Computer equipment

Check regulations regarding packaging, transportation and customs.

Weight and size of baggage

The regulations can vary from country to country and by carrier. Check with your airline for specific regulations on the weight and size of suitcases, excess baggage, airfreight and costs. If you are not checking your baggage through to your ultimate destination be sure to ask what the baggage regulations are for your intermediate stops. (or: for any stopovers)


Arrange appropriate transportation for you and your luggage. Arrive at LEAST 2 HOURS before departure time.


Determine regulations on the size, weight and contents of boxes if using sea mail. Compare the costs of sending goods by post, by air freight, and by sea. Consider the length of time it will take, and any potential damage that may occur. (Unaccompanied luggage by air is faster but more expensive) Itinerary. If you will be travelling for more than a few days on the way home leave your itinerary with the student adviser on your campus and also a friend. If possible leave behind a contact number in case of an emergency.

Household and personal finances


Pay all bills for household services rent, etc. Advise suppliers of the date you will be leaving. Arrange disconnection of services if appropriate e.g. gas and electricity. Advise Telstra/Optus or other provider to disconnect your telephone and arrange for final payment of account.


Prepare your house/unit for a inspection by the landlord. Arrange return of your keys and request the refund of your bond.


Arrange the sale of any major items such as a car and furniture. Return borrowed household items to the place you borrowed them from. If you have items to pass on – donate them to other international students or ask your friends to share them with new arrivals.


Arrange with friends to collect your mail and forward it on to you. Australia Post does not re-direct mail overseas.


Close your account. Don’t take a large amount out in cash.


If you have been working, you should lodge a tax return with the Australian Taxation Office prior to your departure. Make sure you include your address in your home country. You will need to contact your employer to obtain a payment summary for your tax return. You may be able to claim a refund.

Health cover

Finalise any medical insurance claims that are still outstanding. Friends. Be sure to express your thanks to your host family if you had one. Call and visit friends before you go home